Instant private zk-rollups, with all the tools.
Settle on Eth or Gnosis Chain.
Roll-up as a serviceAuto provisioningzk technologies
Deployprivate zk rollupsin minutes
Block explorers, KYC, indexers& more
L2s & L3s. Rollups & validiums

LEADING web3-native platform-as-a-service

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For mass adoption to take place, blockchain development should be easy, right?

We are solving blockchain’s complexity problem, enabling anyone to build in the Web3 space.

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For NFTs & Gaming

  • Full privacy
  • Low fees
  • Highest throughput

Highest throughput and lowest fees — ideal for Gaming and NFTs


For Fintech, Defi & Payments

  • Highest security
  • Full privacy
  • High throughput

Choose for highest security and full privacy projects, like FinTech


For Defi & Collectibles

  • High security
  • Best interoperation
  • Best liquidity

Looking for best interoperation and liquidity? Fits your Defi 


For small apps & testing

  • Cheapest
  • Full privacy
  • Independent

This side chain is the cheapest . Perfect for small apps

Guides / How-tos / Solutions

zk proofs for ultimate security

Multiple data availability options

Scalable to 1000s transactions per second

Reliable. 99.9% SLA


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Our mission is to make blockchain technology more inclusive, available and reliable. That’s why we provide free public RPC for multiple chains to the community.

Would you require any assistance, customization or technical support, we’re here to help!

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