The Blockchain Infrastructure Your Web3 Project Needs

Multi-chain, geographically-distributed enterprise infrastructure built for
Speed, Scale and Stability

Supported by the blockchain community

Built for every use case

Scale your business with industry-leading reliability and support

Blockchain Foundations

Simplify blockchain development with hassle-free, cloud-based infrastructure and support from’s team of world class developers. Geographically distributed nodes, backup providers and carbon-neutral servers create an unbeatable trifecta of affordability, reliability and usability.

Crypto Exchanges

Affordably and reliably access chains including Near, Ethereum, Fantom and more.’s backup providers mean no single point of failure, and greater reliability for your users. Geographically distributed nodes support clients even in underserved areas.

Crypto Wallets

Seamlessly deploy in multichain environments and expand your supported assets quickly and reliably.’s backup providers will protect your users from wallet outages and safeguard the user experience.


Improve deployment, reduce infrastructure costs and fully decentralize your DAO. Geographic distribution of’s nodes offers your global stakeholders unparalleled support and makes true decentralization possible.


Put your focus on building features your users love. makes the back-end easy with highly reliable, multi-chain node infrastructure, so that you can scale your userbase safely and easily.


Quickly, safely integrate blockchain technology with built-in trading features into your app. provides developer support to get your team up and running.


Ship NFTs the right way, with all the tools you need to help users buy, sell and build their
collections. offers unbeatable value and uptime.

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