Keeping the spirit of decentralization flying at ETHDenver

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You may have seen one of our many twitter posts, but we wanted to provide a full recap of our experience attending ETHDenver last week!
We had an amazing time in the Mile High City, where we had the pleasure of interacting with over 100 projects, top developers and fellow leaders at the vanguard of decentralized innovation.
The conference provided a great platform to explore potential partnership synergies that can amplify and accelerate our growth trajectory, and we’re very excited to build on this momentum!

Our CTO Igor Mandrigin had the opportunity to speak twice at the event, first delivering an address entitled ‘Distributed Infrastructure for a Distributed Network’, where he discussed the growing importance of infrastructure products and services supporting multiple blockchains.

Igor went in-depth on his mental model for decentralized infrastructure, providing unique visualizations on our approach to building globally distributed, multi-chain infrastructure. His presentation received great feedback from those in attendance.
In case you missed it, you can check out the full presentation here:

In a separate session, Igor then spoke alongside representatives from Sender Wallet and Google Cloud on the evolution of Web3 landscape as well as the glaring infrastructure problems getting in the way of mainstream adoption.
You can check out a shot of the panel discussion below:


Our CEO Cuautemoc ‘Temoc’ Weber also had the chance to speak at the event about our mission to keep the spirit of decentralization at the heart of the Web3 movement.



He provided an excellent overview of our ‘Grow’, ‘Access’ & ‘Jumpstart’ solutions, and how they have quickly earned strong market validation.

Temoc outlined how we are intently focused on building decentralized RPC solutions that specifically don’t rely on centralized services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), and our work with notable industry players such as 1inch, Gnosis, Ethereum Foundation, NEAR and Polygon Labs.

Temoc also went into detail on our efforts to provide reliable node infrastructure, best-in-class validators and robust dev tooling geared towards helping Web3 projects scale operations, while also providing a ‘gateway’ for leading financial institutions and enterprises to pursue blockchain adoption.

It was fantastic to catch up with so many of our partners and clients at the event. We’d like to offer our sincere thanks to the event organizers for the amazing hospitality, and for creating such a vibrant atmosphere.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s conference!


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