Gateway powering Gnosis Pay infrastructure, driving mainstream adoption across the Web3 economy!

Hi Gateway community!

We hope you’re having a great summer so far, wherever you are in the world! While we’ve been enjoying the summer months, we definitely haven’t been in holiday mode, as we’ve been very busy behind the scenes accelerating the development of our product suite and expanding our partnership network!

We continue to build momentum in providing reliable node infrastructure, best-in-class validators and robust development tooling to help Web3 projects scale at pace, and today, we’re delighted to unveil another milestone integration!

We’re excited to announce our vital role in powering the infrastructure for the recently launched Gnosis Pay, the first decentralized payment network from Gnosis.

Gnosis Pay harnesses L2 technology, enabling the network to handle large transaction volumes. By offering reliable and scalable RPC services, we are ensuring smooth communication and interaction between nodes and applications on the network, optimizing performance, enabling faster transaction processing and reducing latency.

Our reliable RPC infrastructure ensures network stability while facilitating faster transaction processing times, and we look forward to deploying our technical, development and seamless tooling implementation experience for Gnosis Pay in the months ahead.

As core developers for Gnosis, today’s announcement signifies the latest step in our working relationship with their team. We already run 75% of public RPC traffic for Gnosis mainnet and around 50% of validators for Gnosis testnet, and today, we’re going one step further with Gnosis Pay.

Gnosis Pay is a collection of developer tools that enable crypto wallets to effortlessly create their own version of Gnosis Card for users, eliminating the need to go through the complexities of constructing an online payment infrastructure. Gnosis Card leverages the Visa payment system, serving as a debit card that directly connects to a user’s on-chain account, built on the Gnosis Pay decentralized payment network.

As the demand for Web3 services continues to grow, the ability to scale infrastructure quickly and efficiently is essential to meet user demands and avoid service disruptions. At this critical juncture for the Web3 space, providing reliable and uninterrupted RPC node services is crucial in terms of onboarding and retaining customers, and we are proud to be the trusted infrastructure partner for Gnosis in this landmark development.

Thanks for reading! Today’s announcement marks a strong seal of approval for the Gateway solution from another top industry heavyweight, and we look forward to sharing further updates in due course regarding our mission to shape the future of decentralized technology. As always, keep an eye on our official Twitter accountfor the latest updates!


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